Friday, January 13, 2012

Wheely Boardin' with Jim "tatt" Dandy

Me and James dandy, or Jim Dandy as he is known in the wheelyboard world took a drive into soufpour to shoot a picture or two. Im no skateboard photographer but ill give it a crack.
This gap is a good size and you gotta deal with a bush. We got kicked after second shot but the nice lady let jim do one more. Third times a charm
This might be a FS Flip, it could also be a FS 180, what if its a FS 360? either way its a make. you can guess
Jim told me to be all arty an shit
Jim on the shit end of a radical manoeuvre

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Palmy Shred

Me and the dudes went and checked out 19th Ave bowl as someone has put pool coping on the old dog. Not as much fun as it sounds but still better than a kick in the nads

Sunday, January 1, 2012

dust em off

found a couple landscapes i never bothered uploading a few days ago. I didnt really like them at the time but now I kinda story bro.

Aversions Crown

Shot some new promos for heavy hitters Aversions Crown.

Olympus Trip 35mm

I Found an old Olympus Trip 35mm in an op shop and gave her a go. Awesome point and shoot, super sharp, easy to use, and looks cool.