Friday, July 1, 2016

Mexico and Los Angeles X 35mm Point and Shoot

Like always, I took my "Vivitar 750" point and shoot,  35mm plastic fantastic along for the Mexico Adventure. Its super easy to just whack in my pocket or around my neck and it actually takes a decent photo. I don't get to heavy into using "hard to find" or "trendy" film, just ya stock standard Kodak 400 ultra. I also picked up a water proof kodak disposable. There was some kind of shutter lag or focus issue with it so most of the photos are blurred but kinda look cool. films not dead y'all.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Mexico. Cabo, Puerto Vallarta and Tulum

For your viewing pleasure, 3 weeks in Mexico. Mexico is a country of contrasts. I spent three weeks in 4 locations, all super different from the last.
First stop was Cabo, or the Baja California Coast. This is where the desert meets the sea. Millions of Cacti, hot dry heat and a flat, rocky, sandy landscape with a mountain range on every horizon. 

Puerto Vallarta: PV was awesome and a step back in time from its more Americanised Cousin in which I had just Visited. PV had more of an authentic feel to it and almost leant more towards Barcelona in terms of Landscape and Architecture. Still hot and dry but the sand and dirt was replaced with cobblestone, hand painted buildings/advertising signage and the arts district.  Best food of the trip award goes to PV.

Third Stop on the trip was the Yucatan Coast. The two places we visited were Tulum and Playa Del Carmen. I didn't really take any pictures of Playa as it was very westernised, touristy and a little uninspiring. It was super fun to visit but in comparison to where I had been previously, pretty average. Tulum, however was an absolute paradise. It is on the Caribbean side of Mexico so its super hot, super muggy and showcases crystal clear blue/green water and white sand. Ancient ruins also dot the coast line providing a little glimpse at a lost civilisation. I highly recommend Tulum.