Monday, March 23, 2015

People of New York

New York City really speaks for its self. Its one of those places that has been documented countless times in movies, magazines and Television shows. Arriving and seeing Yellow cabs, Graffiti, the subway, Central Park, giant Pastrami sandwiches and hearing a New Yorker ask for a cup of "Caawfee" make it feel almost familiar. Anyway, Like most new place I go, I like to creep around and Photograph the inhabitants and their surroundings.


Katzs Deli

Katzs Deli is basically the greatest place on Earth. They have filmed a bunch of Movies here like Donnie Brasco and When Harry met Sally. Fame aside, it makes the best Pastrami sandwich anyone could imagine. This place goes through 4500kgs of Pastrami a week…..a week. We stayed right next door and visited most days.

The Statue of Liberty and The Metropolitan Museum.

Ever since I saw the Michael Jackson film clip for Black and White I wanted to go to New York City and the Statue of Liberty. So…when in rome. We also checked out a bunch of Galleries and Museums. The Met had heaps of ancient artefacts and statues. I wasn't really meant to take photos but I did anyway. Rebel.