Thursday, November 13, 2014

Senso-Ji Temple.

Senso-Ji Temple is Tokyos oldest temple. over 30 million people visit Senso-Ji every year to worship, pray or just to have a squizz like we did. It was drizzling with rain the morning we went but that not deter the hundreds of people that were already there when we arrived.  You enter the Temple grounds and walk down a market lined alley way, selling souveniers and touristy things. The souvenirs are of good quality and not your standard Thailand or Bali type knock offs and proceeds from sales go towards Temple up keep and all that jazz.

 In stead of buying a souvenir I decided to buy a fortune. You give em 100 yen which is about $1 and you shake this container until a sick pops out of the hole, the stick has a number written on it, which then corresponds to a tiny pull out draw of about 300 separate draws. I drew number 77 which then informed me I was set to encounter a bad fortune, something you really want to hear when traveling abroad. Within 2 minutes of receiving this awesome news, my camera stopped working. It just would not work. The power was on but nothing would happen. It would not focus and none of the buttons did anything. Turning it off and on did nothing to save my cause either. I took what photos I did before my camera shit its self, checked out the temple and then continued to curse my now useless camera under my breath. On the way out of the temple I noticed a small market stall selling 35mm film. Envisioning that I would be photographing the rest of our trip manually, I stocked up and we walked back to the nearest train station. Waiting at the train station I put my hand into my back pocket and reaslised I still had my shitty fortune with me. I quickly tore it up, chucked it in the bin and jumped on the train home. Mid journey I pulled my camera out of my bag….what do you know, my fortune had changed.

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