Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tokyo, Japan.

It quite hard to accurately and fully describe what a Tokyo experience is like. Its a complete sensory overload from the second you step off the plane.  50 foot Bright light neon lights, dumpling and Udon restaurants every 5 metres, people racing past you in every direction, 4 story "pachinko" slot houses (poker machine bars) with music so loud it almost could induce a seisure, Trains, planes, cars, go karts, the subway, the metro and 13.35 million people all just doing their thing like clock work.  When visiting Japan, you catch a lot of trains and do a lot of walking. I lost count of how many Trains Myself and Gabi caught and it felt like we walked every back alley in Tokyo. The below photos are from our first day day en route to Tokyos Oldest Temple, Senso-Ji in Asakusa, some people I saw along the way and a wander through the wet streets of Shinjuku.

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